Roasting fundamentals

Roasting fundamentals


This course will give you the fundamentals of how to roast great coffee.

This course is created to help you start roasting and getting the most from your green coffee and roaster. 

We will cover an explanation of different roasters and the process the coffee undergoes during the roasting phases. We will discuss different roast profiles, how to control the roasting variables, data recording and basic roaster safety. Followed by cupping and analysis of roasts and a cupping of roast defects assess your roasts and make informed choices on how to improve and basic roasting safety.

This is a course for beginners, home enthusiast and people who are looking to start roasting their own coffee. We will provide lunch and all coffee for you to use, it will run over two weekend days from 10-3 both days

 NB: All courses must be booked 72hrs prior to the scheduled start, if not we reserve the right to cancel the class. 

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